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First Quarter Moon Spellcraft.

Employing The Devil's Oracle in a reading and Shadow Work.

HEX Victorian Moon & Witchy Poo Ornaments
Victorian moon phases and patchwork witchy-poo ornaments.Get them here!

HEX: MUZE™ card explanations
An explanation of the MUZE™ card design and how to actively connect to them in divination.

HEX: MUZE™ Querant board and strange happenings
Ari explains the querant board design and how it's used, as well as some very strange happenings earlier in the evening.

MUZE, creation, activation and planchette secrets
Ari talks about MUZE™, the entity by proxy, her secret to creating and activating her planchettes and how you can utilize this technique.

MUZE Game Assembly
Ari explains how to assemble the parts to the game and a few suggestions.

Maman Brigitte Life-Sized Doll Tutorial
We show you how to make your own for under $20 with a few upcycled materials.

Lunar Calendar & Lunar Wheel
Updates on how to get the monthly freebies and suggestions on how to put it together.

Repulsion & Transmautation Spells
Discussing my "Majikal Raid" formulae. The sound is a little wonky because there was a hardware issue with the mic.

Shadowbook Intro
Discussing my Book of shadows, and the content I'm putting up little by little from within it's pages.

Clothes Pins, Stretch Test
Jason & I trying to organize some basement space for me to do my videos the day after I got my webcam.
I'm trying to make sure the centering is good. He's focused on clothes pins. LOL

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